Digital mode net via GB7TQ Tuesdays 8PM Local time. All C4FM users welcome. The net will last approximately 1 hour and will be digital users only, after which the repeater will revert to normal (dual mode) usage. Feel free to call in on analogue after the digital net closes.

The original idea for GB7TQ came about when Steve (G6UIM) decided to purchase a Yaesu FT-991. Realising it came with System Fusion mode (C4FM) he thought it looked as though it would be a good system to play with, except that there was no C4FM activity in the Torbay area.

Yaesu at the time were offering 30% off the purchase price of a DR1-XE repeater unit,provided it was ordered before the end of December 2014. As Steve was already working with Bill (G8XST) and Colin (G4FCN) on an APRS system in support of Raynet on the GB3TR site and several people locally had expressed an interest over the last year or so,to have a 70cm repeater for the Torbay area, it seemed like the ideal opportunity to get somthing off the ground using the new technology of a Dual Mode Analogue/Digital C4FM system.

Much discussion took place, the outcome being that Steve agreed to purchase the equipment, and that it would be co-sited with GB3TR (The 144MHz analogue repeater) and MB7VT the proposed new crossband APRS digipeater and IGate unit (also paid for and setup by Steve). The new repeater was subsequently allocated the callsign GB7TQ, and would be availble for general use, with priority given to Raynet and any other local emergency groups should it be required.

After many hours of work on the site, the repeater went on air on February 25th 2015, although, with a few problems with antennas and filtering, which are slowly getting sorted out.

Finally, a big thank you to Steve, Bill and Colin for all the time, effort and expense in getting the repeater on the air. Signal reports and coverage will be very welcome.

Please note that GB7TQ and MB7VT, although co-sited with GB3TR, they are independantly provided and funded and have no connection with GB3TR or The Torbay Amateur Radio Society. Donations to help with the running costs of both GB7TQ and MB7VT will be most welcome.


(c)GB7TQ G6UIM G4FCN G8XST 20160930