Analogue users. if your radio has the option for busy channel lockout, use that as well as tone Squelch. That way you won't hear the Digital users and also will not transmit when Digital users are active on the repeater. G6UIM

All Radios It is also recommended to use tone squelch, 94.8Hz, on receive because the repeater is a C4FM Fusion system, users can call in with the new digital models such as the Yaesu FT-1D handheld. Tone squelch, T-SQL on my rig, saves your ears from the digital noises and only lets analogue through. G6UIM G2DXU

Kenwood TM702E and probably other early Kenwood radios. The Kenwood TM702 does not support upward 7.6MHz shift. The work around is to program the RX frequency to 438.4875 with downward 7.6MHz shift on transmit. Select REV and the radio will then TX on 438.4875MHz and receive on 430.8875MHz.#, ie the right way round. G4FCN

Yaesu FTM-400. There is an omission in the handbook detailing how to use this radio as a crossband talk through unit. Simply set the two frequencies required (one UHF and one VHF - It will not work inband talk through) with any other features required on both bands (power, CTCSS etc), turn off APRS mode if on, and power the radio off. To select talkthrough mode, press and hold the lower three buttons on the right hand side, while powering the radio ON. The X-Band repeater message will appear between the two displayed frequencies. To turn off talk through, turn off the radio, and repeat the above sequence. Click for video.G4FCN

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