The system currently comprises a DR1-XE System Fusion repeater, a rackmount PC, a 1500VA rackmount UPS (uninterruptible power supply). Wires-X interface (HRI-200) and a 6 Cavity Duplexer.

The repeater is currently setup in Full Auto mode, detecting which mode is being used for access and will then output in the same mode. It will switch between Analogue and Digital mode depending on what is received. It is not possible for both Analogue and Digital to be in use at the same time.

Analogue users will require a 94.8Hz CTCSS tone to open the repeater, It is also recommended users also set a 94.8Hz CTCSS tone squelch, to avoid hearing the 9600 baud Digital signal when the repeater is being used by digital users.

The repeater currently does not indicate that the signal on the input has gone (no pips) so treat it like you would as a simplex chat, but please leave a short break to enable other users to come in. It will identify itself in CW on initial access, if it hs not been used for 20 minutes and then every 10 minutes, including after last use. It will not ID when not in use.

The Cavity Duplexer allows the use of one antenna for transmit and receive, avoiding a difference in coverage between TX and RX. (At the time of writing, the repeater is working with two aerials, hence the difference in the transmit and receive footptints.

It is estimated that the UPS will be capable of running the repeater for around 3 hours in the event of mains failure, enough time, if required,to get a generator to site. A similar UPS (also donated by Steve) in the other cabinet on site will maintain GB3TR and MB7VT for around the same amount of time.

The Wires-X interface is connected via the rack mount PC to the internet and will allow users to connect to other repeaters and groups. This will be setup in due course.

The PC is also in use running the APRS system, using APRSIS32, connecting two TNC-X packet terminal node controllers, one connected to an FT-1900 for 144.800MHz APRS the other to an FT-7900 for 433.800MHz, both working on a single, dual band co-linear antenna. The system is cross band so anything heard on one frequency will be retransmitted on the other.

This is, as far as we are aware, the only crossband digipeater / Igate operational in the UK. and only the 10th System Fusion repeater in the country.

There will almost certainly be some confusion initally, between analogue and digital users of the repeater. We ask you to be tolerant when an analogue user, for example, using tone squelch, transmits over the top of a digital user.

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